About Us

Serving California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado.

Inland Fixture is a licensed commercial general contractor based in Riverside, California. Our core expertise lies in offering dependable maintenance services to leading retail brands such as Petco, Carmax, and Hertz. We are also adept at handling retail tenant improvement tasks, from expansions to complete remodels. Although California is our home, our services extend to Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado.


"We can’t thank you enough for the help today! This was a huge win for our team and associates. I wish we had more folks like you supporting our facility team."

JE, Used Vehicles Retailer


Our History

A Message from Our Founder

Established in 1985, Inland Fixture had a different name and identity under my father's leadership. For 15 years leading up to 2000, our exclusive partnership was with Circuit City, undertaking tasks ranging from repairing plastic laminate to constructing drawers, shelving, and overseeing various construction and maintenance projects. While we catered to the Circuit City stores in the Western U.S., our affiliate managed those in the Midwest. As the turn of the millennium approached, Circuit City extended a job offer to my father. When he accepted, he asked if I wanted to lead the business. After considering the company's potential, reputation, and loyal employees, I took a leap of faith and bought the company. Over two decades have passed since that pivotal decision. The journey has certainly not been challenge-free, particularly navigating through Circuit City's bankruptcy in 2008. However, under my stewardship, we not only survived but have also expanded our clientele, including esteemed names like Carmax, Petco and Hertz. This is the result of establishing solid relationships with our clients and bringing a can-do attitude to each of our projects. 

- John Corey, Owner, Inland Fixture

Ashlee Lewandowski

AccountING Manager

Ashlee Lewandowski has been with Inland Fixture since July 2008. She started as the office manager and dispatched calls to technicians, but as the company grew, she began handling the financial side of the business. As the Accounting Manager, she handles all invoicing, payable and receivable tasks as well as all payroll-related tasks. Her previous experience with the company allows her to step in and assist with any dispatching or office-related issues outside of her normal day-to-day tasks.


Brittany Schroerlucke

Project Coordinator
Brittany Schroerlucke is the project coordinator for Inland Fixture. She has been with the company for a year, but construction has been a part of her life for many years. Her experience in construction started with her family’s construction company. She has had the privilege of being involved in this industry from a young age, giving her an understanding of the importance of the processes and the need for efficiency in construction projects. She makes it her priority to be responsive and dependable for Inland Fixture’s clients. As a project coordinator, she ensures that all projects run smoothly and successfully. With this success, she builds strong relationships and helps the company continue to grow.

Cristy Cossio

Jr. Account Manager
Cristy Cossio, is a Jr. Account Manager at Inland Fixture. She is a property manager with over 5 years of experience in the construction industry. Cristy has managed a diverse portfolio of commercial properties, ranging from retail to restaurants. Her expertise extends to renovations, property maintenance, budgeting, and vendor management, all aimed at optimizing property performance and customer satisfaction. Cristy has a passion for driving successful project outcomes through meticulous planning and efficient execution.

Melissa Angel

Jr. Account Manager
Melissa Angel is a Jr. Account Manager at Inland Fixture. She has worked in the construction industry for over 5 years. Melissa enjoys and prides herself in making connections with clients and building relationships with others in all work trades. She’s worked with companies in various industries from food warehouses to agricultural tree cutting. Melissa takes her work seriously but also makes time to enjoy her family. M-F 7:30-4pm you'll hear "Inland Fixture Melissa speaking" and on the weekend you can find her on the football field as the athletic director of our local youth football chapter. Melissa puts 100% into anything she does.

Melissa Forbes

Sr. Account Manager
Melissa Forbes is the Sr. Account Manager for Inland Fixture. She joined the Inland Fixture team in August 2013. As the Sr. Account Manager, she oversees a team of Jr. Account Managers, providing them and clients with over 10 years of industry knowledge. As the Sr. Account Manager, she ensures the Jr. Account Managers provide Inland Fixture’s clients with quality workmanship, daily and timely updates on all active work orders, and quick turnaround on all work orders received. Melissa’s skills in time management, quality management, project planning, project estimating, outstanding communication, and keen attention to detail give Inland Fixture’s clients the confidence that the company treats them as the top priority, no matter how big or how small of a job.

Michelle Timpke

Jr. Account Manager
Michelle Timpke has worked at Inland Fixture for almost three years. Michelle has more than 15 years of experience in customer service and over ten years in general construction. One of her greatest strengths is building positive relationships with clients, vendors, and staff and working collaboratively with others. As a Jr. Account Manager, she value integrity and loyalty in every aspect of the work. She begins each day with a positive attitude, prioritizes client satisfaction, and enjoys her work.

Steve Andrews

Project Manager

Steve brings 40-plus years of knowledge and experience in the construction industry which has helped transform our project side of the business into what it is today.  Whether a small project or a full-store remodel, Steve can make it happen.